Fire Department

Our fire department has twenty-five volunteer fire fighters with ten being first responders and four being EMT's. Our coverage area is 150 square miles including seven townships and 900 households

In 2000 the City of Grand Meadow built a new Emergency Services Building to house the fire department, ambulance service, and police department due to the growth of each of our departments and the inconvenience of each department being in their own building.

Back Row: Jim Jacobson, Ethan Hanken, Dennis Helgeson, Cray Benson, Scott Shorter, Chief Tom Bleifus, Jason Wolff, Dom Stier, Anthony Stejskal, John Kassel
Front Row: Randy Fruth, Jim Blomgren, Travis Warmka, Ryan Gehling, Cody Gronvold, Scott Kerrins, Joe Gehling, Dean Gomer